IBA meets IBA

IBA Expertenrat

The IBA process is critically monitored by a Council of Experts appointed by the German Federal Government. It is made up of renowned stakeholders from research and the trade, as well as representatives of municipalities and Federal States. It was launched in 2009. The Council, which convenes once to twice a year, aims to ensure compliance with the criteria of the IBA Memorandum and update them if necessary. The IBA process is also benchmarked against comparable innovative regional and urban development instruments at national and international levels.

IBA meets IBA

Eight completed and six currently active IBA illustrate the attractiveness of the IBA as an instrument. In 2007, IBA Hamburg initiated the IBA meets IBA Network with the support of the M:AI Museum for Architecture and Engineering NRW as a coalition of former, current and interested future IBA stakeholders. The Network is supported by the Federal Ministry of Construction in particular through the IBA Laboratory and IBA Forum event formats, and an expert commission appointed by the German Federal Government supervises the IBA process.

IBA Labor

IBA Laboratories are organised as required, roughly once a year. The workshops held in small groups focus on open communication of the status of the current IBAs and quality assurance for the properties defined in the IBA Memorandum. The key question at these meetings is always whether and how the IBA instrument established in Germany can be developed to contribute to European planning and building culture.

IBA Forum

The IBA Forum is the largest public platform for discussing and sharing experience on relevant and topical subjects. It is intended to root the IBA discourse, nationally and internationally, in the professional world and among key decision makers in politics, administration and the economy. IBA Forums take place as appropriate, and are each organised by a current IBA.