2017 – 2027
IBA StadtRegion Stuttgart

Change through growth

The Stuttgart Region is the most successful centre of technology and industry in Germany, but it is facing far-reaching economical and societal changes. Competition for available land, transport bottlenecks, housing shortages and high property prices are just some of the typical side effects of such growth, and these are further compounded by the challenges of climate change, individualisation and the ageing of society, as well as the rapid changes brought about by new technologies and digitalisation.

With new strategies for tackling the challenges of growth, IBA 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart aims to shape the continuing development of the region to ensure that it remains prosperous and liveable in future. Its intention is to be an international showcase of architecture, engineering and building culture. The Stuttgart Region should become a model for polycentric industrial growth regions.

Towards a new modernist building culture

Exactly 100 years after avant-garde architects from throughout Europe presented their radical “exemplary residential programme for modern metropolitan man” at Stuttgart’s Weissenhofsiedlung, the IBA 2027 will aim to find new answers to the questions of how we live, work and house in today’s digital, globalised world. To this end, it developed a 4×4 spectrum of themes, which were elaborated in preparation for the IBA in a broad participatory consultation process.

The spectrum of themes has four guiding themes – a new modernist building culture, integrated districts, new technologies for a liveable city region and region-city symbiosis – and four across-the-board characteristics that apply to all IBA projects: mobility, sustainability, solidarity and participation. This 4×4 matrix will serve as a framework for the work of the IBA 2027, and with input from national and international experts and regional stakeholders will be openly discussed, developed and made manifest in concrete building projects over the ten-year IBA process.

The IBA is directed by the IBA 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart GmbH. Its founding partners are the State Capital City of Stuttgart, the Verband Region Stuttgart and Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS), the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects and the University of Stuttgart. The partners fund a proportional share of the running costs of the IBA GmbH.


IBA 2027 aims to make the region of Stuttgart a model for other predominantly industrial polycentric growth regions © Stuttgart Marketing
A Daimler in front of the Corbusier House at the Weißenhofsiedlung, 1928 © Mercedes Classic Archive / Daimler AG
The Corbusier House today with an e-smart, 2016 © Detlef Göckeritz / Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS)
Over a period of nine months around 500 people collaborated in the Stuttgart Region IBA Platform to develop the 4×4 spectrum of themes for IBA 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart. Photo: WRS/Christian Hass
Final event of the IBA Platform in the Stuttgart “Wagenhallen”. Photo: WRS/Christian Hass