2012 – 2023
IBA Thüringen


The topic of IBA Thüringen (Thuringia) is STADTLAND (URBANRURAL). Over a ten year period, it will starts from the piecemeal settlement structure in the Free State of Thuringia and broaden the focus to the interdependencies of urban and rural areas. 

Marta Doehler-Behzadi has been Managing Director of IBA Thüringen since 2014. Together with local stakeholders, she and her team wanted to respond to the challenges of demographic shrinkage, climate change and the energy transition, as well as various phenomena of sociocultural transformation throughout the entire Free State of Thuringia, and an extremely piecemeal settlement structure in a largely rural region, with new ideas and model projects.

The term STADTLAND stands for changed relationships between individuals and nature, settlement and landscape, as well as society and its resources. The goal of IBA Thüringen is to change the "social metabolism". It strives to solve problems (better) through innovative urban-rural relationships on an equal footing. The regional reference becomes a thematic parenthesis for discourse and projects of IBA Thüringen. The work concentrated on three “IBA Building Sites”, which focus on rethinking and rebuilding, cooperations and a culture of good planning and building in urban and rural areas. 

In 2019, a work exhibition will document the progress to date of the IBA process, and the final presentation will take place in 2023. The results and findings of the IBA Thüringen are intended to influence politicians and administration, society and business in their everyday activities, and inspire changes that have an impact beyond the end of the IBA Thüringen. 

IBA Thüringen GmbH was founded in 2012 based on a resolution by the State Government of Thuringia. The Free State of Thuringia is the sole shareholder. Financing is largely provided from Thuringia’s budgetary funds. IBA projects are eligible for priority funding from the Free State of Thuringia.


The Eiermannbau in Apolda is a prominent example of the many vacant and disused buildings in Thuringia. After standing empty for more than 20 years, IBA Thüringen has started using the building and is developing it as an own initiative. Since summer 2016, it has hosted regular exhibitions and events as part of IBA Thüringen’s activities. Photo: Thomas Müller
The Chapel of St. Anna in Krobitz from the 11th century is no longer in use. In June 2017, the artist Carsten Nicolai installed a sculptural “organ”, a gas-powered pyrophone that has since attracted numerous visitors to the chapel. The installation is part of the “STADTLAND:Church” project, which proposes new perspectives for vacant ecclesiastical buildings in Thuringia. Photo: Thomas Müller
Retrospective on two months of STADTLAND Sommer, the first milestone year of IBA Thüringen. In 2019, the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, the IBA work exhibition will be held. IBA Thüringen will present its results in 2023. Image: Thomas Müller
How can a disused industrial site situated between refugee accommodation and a housing estate become a motor for exchanging experiences, learning, working and recreation for the local neighbourhood? In a summer workshop, the local residents laid the foundation for a programme of spaces and a vision for the future. Photo: Thomas Müller
Start of the first rebuilding site at Rottenbach railway station. The new design of the station square and transport intersection with STADTLAND:Inseln, the Gateway to the Schwarzatal Valley is taking shape. Image: Thomas Müller